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Supreme Court Will Consider Prop 8 Case in Conference Next Month

Post submitted by Michael Cole-Schwartz, Former HRC Director of Communications

Today the Supreme Court announced that at its conference on November 20, it will consider a number of LGBT rights cases including the Perry challenge to California’s Prop 8 banning marriage for gay and lesbian couples, a number of cases challenging the federal government’s ban on recognizing legally married gay couples known as the Defense of Marriage Act, and a challenge to Arizona Governor Jan Brewer’s decision to rescind domestic partner benefits to state workers.  The court is expected to announce its decisions on which cases it will hear on Monday, November 26.

HRC President Chad Griffin, who is also the co-founder of American Foundation for Equal Rights (AFER), which brought the Perry case challenging Prop 8, released the following statement:

"For generations, Americans have looked to the Supreme Court to uphold the fundamental tenets of our constitution and on November 20th, the court will face those questions once again for the LGBT community.  Never before have the Justices confronted so many cases critical to the lives of LGBT people and our families.  With truth and justice on our side, I know that we will prevail in knocking down the dark walls of discrimination known as Prop 8 and DOMA."

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