Each year, we celebrate the brave individuals- whether lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or allied- who decided to live openly and authentically.

While we work to promote a safe world for LGBT individuals to live truthfully and openly, we also recognize the issues LGBT people around the world face.

“The history of the LGBT movement shows the true power our stories have to change hearts and minds,” said HRC President Chad Griffin. “In the decades since Harvey Milk first urged every LGBT person to come out to our family, friends, neighbors and coworkers, we’ve caused the opposition to equality to fall away. As more and more people continue to speak their truth, we’re inching closer to a day where no LGBT person ever feels compelled to hide who they are out of fear. National Coming Out Day is helping us reach that moment.”

Coming out  is a deeply personal journey for each individual and we hope that National Coming Out Day can inspire the friends, family members, faith leaders, coworkers and community members of LGBTQ and allied people to come out for equality.

For more information and resources on National Coming Out Day, visit HRC’s Coming Out Center and follow the hashtag #ComingOut.

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