Yesterday, HRC condemned the Russian government’s decision to restrict transgender people, among others, from obtaining driving licenses. This news is part of an ongoing increase in discrimination and violence against LGBT people in Russia.

“Restricting transgender people from obtaining drivers licenses is simply another example of the Russian government’s increased campaign of persecution and discrimination against its LGBT population,” said Jean Freedberg, Deputy Director of HRC Global.

According to reports by BBC and Buzzfeed News, the  driving ban lists “medical disorders” that would deem a person ineligible for a license. Included on this list are “gender identity disorders” such as “transsexualism” and “dual-role transvestism.”

In the 18 months since the passage of Russia’s anti-LGBT “propaganda” law, the situation for LGBT Russians has significantly deteriorated. As detailed in recent reports by HRC, Human Rights First, and most recently by Human Rights Watch, LGBT people in Russia are facing more violence, discrimination, and persecution.  

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